Certificate of Mastery in Diversity & Inclusion

The Leadership Institute is proud to offer the Certificate of Mastery in Diversity & Inclusion. The Certificate is awarded to individuals who complete the Government-wide Recommended Competencies for Diversity & Inclusion. The three session program provides an intimate setting where D&I practitioners and managers are exposed to best practices, new technologies, case studies and facilitation centered on evidence-based knowledge and training. Participants of the Leadership Institute are challenged, encouraged and inspired by our world-class faculty, keynote and featured speakers. The Leadership Institute’s curriculum requires that participants read, self-reflect, engage in discussion and apply theory to real-life workplace situations. Mentoring and networking are crucial aspects of the Leadership Institute and allow for greater opportunities to brainstorm and problem-solve.


  • Strategic Leadership
  • Strategic Communications
  • D&I Measurement
  • Change Management
  • Building Coalitions
  • Business Acumen


The Leadership Institute provides advanced training for those who have earned the Certificate of Mastery in Diversity & Inclusion. LEADERSHIPFIRST™ prepares diversity leaders to create and sustain programs that strategically impact agency mission and promote excellence throughout the Federal government and U. S. Military. The Alumni Symposium is an important feature of LEADERSHIPFIRST™ and invites thought-leaders and experts to present proven solutions to D&I complexities in government. Authors, professors, industry and government leaders conduct sessions that stimulate discussion and create vision to dissolve barriers to inclusive work environments. Upon completion of three (3) trainings within a two (2) year period, participants will receive a letter of acknowledgement of advanced training presented by Georgetown University along with an Institute lapel pin. D&I leaders are encouraged to enroll in continuous trainings to ensure that competency in diversity and inclusion strategy and implementation is most relevant and beneficial to  agency mission. LEADERSHIPFIRST™ is a part of the Alumni Connection, the network group for Leadership Institute graduates.


  • Emerging Issues in Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership and Strategic Thinking
  • Innovating D&I for Organizational Change