The Leadership

Georgetown University Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity – the mission of the Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity is to promote a deep understanding and appreciation among the diverse members of the University community that results in justice and equality in educational, employment and contracting opportunities, as well as to lead efforts to create an inclusive academic and work environment. The Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity supports the University’s mission.

The National Association of Diversity Offices in Higher Education (NADOHE) – serves as the preeminent voice for diversity officers in higher education by supporting [their] collective efforts to lead [their] institutions toward the attainment of the following goals:

  • Produce and disseminate empirical evidence through research to inform diversity initiatives
  • Identify and circulate exemplary practices
  • Provide professional development for current and aspiring diversity officers
  • Inform and influence national and local policies
  • Create and foster networking opportunities

The U. S. Office of Personnel Management Office of Diversity & Inclusion – the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI) examines policy options, government-wide data trends, and employee survey findings that affect OPM’s management of HR policy, specifically including diversity and inclusion throughout the federal government.

To ensure that Federal departments and agencies recruit and retain talented individuals from all communities, the ODI will develop comprehensive strategies, like those found in the private sector and successful agencies, to drive and integrate diversity and inclusion practices throughout the federal government and to help build a diverse and inclusive workforce, respecting individual and organizational cultures, while complying with merit principles and applicable federal laws.